sueca 73


[in collaboration with juan enguídanos montoro from]

refurbishment of seven flats within a 20th century building in ruzafa, valencia, spain


Seven flats of a historical building in the city center of Valencia, Spain, were inherited by 5 siblings. Acting as a Limited Society, their main goal was to refurbish them and rent them out. 

As they were not going to keep the apartments for their own private use in the short term, their needs, requirements, and specification diverted from a usual private project. 

Being able to deliver good 'to rent' quality, attractive design for the main potential client (young professionals) and sticking to the family budget were the main client goals.


- 5 types of apartments within the building:

Type A: 2B4P flat · Type B: 1B2P flat · Type C: 2B4P duplex · Type D: studio duplex · Type E: 2B3P flat

- All 2B4P to have 2no. bathrooms and an open plan living/kitchen/dining space

- Refurbished 'to rent' properties: This means good quality specification within the family budget. Try to find a balance between quality and price. 

- Potential client: young professionals sharers and young couples

-Complete design freedom: As the family already knew us and the apartments were not going to be used by them in the short term, they gave us complete freedom regarding the layouts, design,  and architectural style of the project. This is a very unusual and ideal situation for an architect, so we really took advantage of it and tried to design to the best of our capabilities. 


- Building from the 1920s, unused since its construction:

  • an excessive number of internal partitions

  • original Spanish tiles in different conditions

  • original wooden windows and balconies doors not working properly

  • original kitchen

  • no bathrooms provided, just an external latrine within the balcony

- entrance facing the main road, rear wide space towards an internal communal patio
- need to keep the existing pipe in the original locations

- tight budget to maximize rentability

- structure to be kept in place and in need of an assessment of its condition


Sueca 73-041 -.png

sueca 73 · a

existing kitchen

Sueca 73-038.jpg

sueca 73 · a

existing corridor

sueca 73 · a

new kitchen

sueca 73 · a

new corridor

sueca 73 · a

existing hall

sueca 73 · a

new hall

sueca 73 · c

existing interior

sueca 73 · c

new interior

Sueca 73-043.jpg

sueca 73 · a

existing corridor

sueca 73 · a

new corridor


sueca 73 · a

sueca 73 · b

sueca 73 · c

sueca 73 · d

sueca 73 · e


'It was a pleasure working with ana dexeus and her team. We completely relied on them for the design, construction, and management of the project and the results could not be better. No increase in initial fees or budget and delivered on time. Really good experience. Totally recommended'

C.A, owner

' Really well-planned apartment. It benefits from a lot of daylight and the open spaces make the space feel wider'

A.L, tenant

' I am really enjoying my duplex studio, benefiting from a 20sqm terrace and an open plan living space. The flat is really bright and all the finishes are very high quality. I hope to stay here for a long time.'

P.D, tenant