loft conversion

architecture fee: 10% of the total budget of the project once agreed with client, suppliers and contractor.

Guaranteed no extra fees throughout the process


No need for planning application

1. conversion assessment

existing loft height, analysis of existing roof condition, ​analysis of floor below

2. type of conversion

skylight conversion: 15000-25000£ - 1000-1250£/sqm 

dormer conversion: 25000-35000£ - 1100-1400£/sqm

hip-to-gable conversion: 30000-35000£ - 1200-1350£/sqm

mansard conversion: +45000£ - 1300-1500£/sqm

3. conversion design

project design in coordination with client needs and structure specialist input

4. technical design/building regulations

technical drawings for builders and contractors

5. sign off

project is completed, high standards guaranteed